Qivivo's history


The analysis

Adrien Suire, a trained engineer, made the following observation: heating accounts for 70% of energy bills in France and 90% of heating system are managed by a thermostat.

Thermostats control 70% of French people's energy expenses and are responsible for most greenhouse gas emissions in France.

For 80% of people, their heating system is always on and is not adpat to their lifestyle. Home comfort is not optimised due to the poor programming of their heating system.


Creation of the QIVIVO company

Launch of a first and simple unit connected to the Internet, tested among 100 families in order to better understand user needs and expectations.

Large investments in Research & Development.


Launch of the first connected and intelligent thermostat made in France

It programs itself on its own and can be controlled using your smartphone. Sales took off and the team expanded by 3.


New version, new design, new step

Customer feedback was extremely positive and helped release an improved version of the product.

Qivivo and 5.5 Design Studio works together. Second version launch: elegant design, LED screen, tactile interface and wireless technology.

Our algorithms became increasingly powerful: the first comprehensive energy assessment became available for all households equipped with a thermostat.

Qivivo developed its sales network: the thermostat is now distribute by craftsmen and specialist distributors.


Opening up new markets

After conclusive tests, Qivivo developed new markets together with associations for social housing and new housing such as Nantes Habitat, Podeliha and Crédit Agricole Immobilier.