Frequently Asked Questions

Does the thermostat work with under-floor heating?

Qivivo Thermostat is indeed compatible with under-floor heating, up to a maximum of 1200W. To install it, remove the old thermostat but not the under-floor heating controller.

Is it compatible with electric heating?

Qivivo Thermostat is the only connected thermostat compatible with pilot-wire electric heating. For dry-contact electric heating, the product is the same as for gas, fuel, wood and heat pump heating systems.

Is it suitable for second homes?

The thermostat is entirely suitable for second homes (with Internet access). Remote control through the mobile application or a tablet or computer lets you programme your heating system to have the right temperature when you arrive and switch it off when you're away.

What happens if there's an Internet failure?

If there's an Internet failure, Qivivo Thermostat has a back-up programme that works until the connection is restored. Your home will be heated if necessary and if it's in frost protection mode, this mode will be maintained. Even after an Internet failure, all your data will be saved.

Are my data protected?

All the data provided through the thermostat are encrypted and then stored on highly secure servers. For even greater security, login information and customer account data are stored on different servers. All customers can ask Qivivo to delete their data. Once an account has been closed, all the related data will be deleted.

Where can I buy Qivivo Thermostat?

Qivivo Thermostat is not yet available. Please leave us your email address and we will inform you as soon as our solution is available.

Are pets detected?

The thermostat's presence sensor doesn't take into account movements below 120 cm, thus keeping pets from being detected.