Qivivo Thermostat

White round Thermostat, with stylish design, LED screen, tactile interface on 3 areas, capteur de présence, heating indicator and humidity captor inside

A discreet, assertive design

Qivivo Thermostat blends perfectly into your home. When you need it, the LED screen and tactile interface highlight the intelligence it deploys to ensure your day-to-day comfort.

Design by 5.5, Design Studio Design by 5.5, Design Studio Lauréat Label Observeur du Design 2015 View its properties
Watch the Qivivo Thermostat video The Qivivo Thermostat on a wall,

Essentials at your fingertips

Tap it to set your comfort level and check the heating level and temperature.

Qivivo Thermostat View its functions
Synthèse Qivivo Thermostat

Compatible with all types of heating

  • Compatible with an heating oil system

    Heating oil

  • Compatible with a gas heating system


  • Compatible with a wood heating system


  • Compatible with an heat pump system

    Heat pump

    Heat pump

  • Compatible with an electric heating system


Qivivo Thermostat learns and even adapts:

  • To the inertia of under-floor heating, anticipating heating sequences several hours in advance.
  • By modifying its heating cycles to maximise the efficiency of a heat pump or wood-burning stove.
  • To the heating curve of a condensing boiler.