No programming

With Smart Presence, Qivivo Thermostat anticipates to provide you with comfort when you're home and save energy when you aren't. No programming is necessary: you don't need to specify your holidays or reprogram everything when you change your routine. It continuously learns and adapts thanks to its presence sensor.

And if you deviate from your routine or return from holidays, the Smart Return function will detect this and adapt the programme accordingly.

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Qivivo Thermostat

Well-being in all weather conditions

With Smart Weather, Qivivo Thermostat takes into account all weather fluctuations including changes in the outdoor temperature or wind conditions. All you have to do is choose when you plan to wake up or return home: your heating will switch on at just the right time, so you benefit from the correct temperature when you're at home.

The Smart Sun function can anticipate sunlight and calculate solar heat gain in your home in order to smartly switch off your heating system in advance. The result: less heating and less overheating!

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Qivivo Thermostat

Revolutionising the sensation of comfort

Our feeling of comfort varies depending on the time of day, humidity level, wind and temperature. With Smart Sense, your heating system takes all these factors into account so you feel good all day long.

  • Adapted comfortTime of day
  • Adapted comfortHumidity
  • Adapted comfortTemperature
  • Adapted comfortWind

Control your heating system from a distance

Is there a chill in the air? Will you be getting home late from work? Did you forget to switch to holiday mode? No worries: you can set the temperature of your home no matter where you are.

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Qivivo Thermostat

Manage unexpected events

If you forget to programme your holidays, it detects your absence and invites you to switch to frost protection mode. With the Absence Alerte function, enjoy total peace of mind when you go away.

Qivivo's Absence Alerte on smartphone and desktop
Qivivo's Absence Alerte on smartphone and desktop
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Consumption summary

View your heating history in graph form. By understanding your heating patterns, you can optimise your programmes to generate additional savings.

Every month, receive a report on your heat consumption and learn how to save even more.

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Retrofitting support

With QiDiag and QiRenov, benefit from a customised energy assessment of your home and receive recommendations for energy retrofitting work. You'll finally know what's the best way to get started.
And for even greater peace of mind, we can put you into contact with professionals.

Qivivo Thermostat: compatible with all types of heating
Qivivo Thermostat: compatible with all types of heating
* Fonctionnalités disponibles uniquement avec le service Autonome. Service Autonome accessible sans abonnement dans le cas d'une installation par un professionnel. Si vous possédez dejà un thermostat Qivivo, vous pouvez souscrire au service Autonome dans votre compte client, pour 3,99€/mois (sans engagement).